Trustee of the RSP

The RSP is run by a Trustee Company, IMI Retirement Savings Trust Limited. The Directors of the Trustee Company are the Trustees of the RSP.

The Trustee is legally obliged to oversee the RSP and has specific legal responsibilities. The main duties of the Trustee are:-

  • To ensure that the RSP is run in accordance with the Trust Deed and Rules (to view a copy of the Trust Deed and Rules please click here);
  • To supervise and monitor the administration of the RSP; and
  • To take an active role in choosing and monitoring the investments available to members, but it is not responsible for the investment choices that you make.

The Trustee aims to achieve best practice in the way it runs the RSP to provide better outcomes for it members.

The Trustee board is made up of 3 Company Appointed and 2 Member Nominated Trustee Directors.

The current Trustee Board of the RSP is made up of:- 

Company Nominated Year of Appointed
Duncan Brown Director of Group Pensions 2013
Chris Raw Investment Controller 2014
Elizabeth Rose Head of Group Reward 2012
Member Nominated  
Jennie Cooke Senior Applications Consultant 2011
Krisztina Strath Best Practise & Development Manager 2011


Member Nominated Trustee Directors are appointed for a term of six years, unless he/she chooses to resign earlier, leaves the Company or ceases to be an active member.

The powers of appointment and removal of Trustee Directors are vested in the Principle Employer, however in accordance with s.241 of the Pensions Act 2004, Member Nominated Trustee Directors cannot be removed without the agreement of all the other Trustee Directors.