What happens if...

I leave IMI before I retire?

We hope that you have a long and successful career with IMI. If you do leave, the money you have invested in the RSP will not be wasted. You can leave your retirement account invested in the RSP, or transfer it to another pension arrangement.

I die before I retire?

If you die whilst working for IMI your dependants will be provided for. The RSP will provide a lump sum of five times your basic pay. The value of your RSP account will also be paid. You should complete an Expression of Wish Form to ensure your dependants receive benefits quickly. 

I opt out?

We hope you don’t, but if you choose to opt out within a month of joining, any contributions that you have made will be refunded.

If you opt-out, we may be required to automatically re-enrol you in the future.

If you opt-out and die whilst working for IMI your dependants will receive a reduced lump sum of three times your basic pay.

Dependants of a member of the RSP who earns £25,000 a year who dies whilst working for IMI will receive a lump sum of five times basic pay, totalling £125,000, plus the value of the RSP account.