Take advantage of a flexible retirement

Since the launch of the Flexible Retirement Options in August, we have seen an increasing interest in the offer with 500 members picking up the phone to register for the free financial advice.

We made this offer available now because the transfer values from the Fund are currently at a high level. We want to make sure everyone who is eligible has a chance to consider it, and we would encourage you to register for the free financial advice by calling JLT on 0800 197 6922. The deadline for taking this advice is 2 November 2017.

Before speaking with an adviser, many of our members have already accessed the dedicated website and personalised animation as a way to help them understand the option in more detail. This can be accessed at www.imipensions.com/fro.

There are a number of options available and our members have found the advice process invaluable. Here’s some of the feedback we have received from members:

The service has been very helpful and extremely professional."

The information in the documentation is very useful and well explained.”

I now understand the Scheme more than I ever have.”

"The advice call made clear all the options available to me and which was the most suitable for me."

Eligible members must register for free financial advice no later than 2 November by calling JLT on 0800 197 6922.

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