Don’t miss out on the PIE offer

We are now halfway through our Pension Increase Exchange (PIE) offer, and many of our pensioner members have already taken advantage of the free advice to understand whether or not the option was right for them.

This will be the last time we make a PIE option available to members so we want to make sure everyone who is eligible has the chance to consider it. For those who have not done so already, you can register for the free financial advice by calling Chase de Vere on 0800 088 3116. The deadline for taking this advice is 16 November 2017. 

Over 60 members have already accepted the option and many have accessed the dedicated website and personalised animation as a way to help them understand the option. These can be found at

Here’s some of the feedback we have received from members:

Excellent service from Chase de Vere regarding independent financial advice. The adviser was professional and thorough, talking me through the options in a clear concise way. The pros and cons were discussed in detail and matched to my personal circumstances.  This meant I could make an informed decision. Subsequently, a hard copy version of the conversation arrived in the post and the promised follow up call came a few days later. The service has been invaluable and I am now clear on what option I prefer.

With reference to the information received regarding my father’s pension option, we took part in a call with the adviser where he gave excellent information and explanations of potential impact to my father in the future. The adviser made this information easy to digest so that my father could make a fully informed decision. Not only was the information clear but clarifications, when sought, were easily placed into a context that was easy for us to understand.”

Eligible members must register for free financial advice no later than 16 November 2017 by calling Chase De Vere on 0800 088 3116.


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