Retirement planning

The RSP Normal Retirement Age (NRA) is 65; however, members can take their benefits any time
between 55 and 75.

You may also apply to retire whilst remaining in employment with IMI. In these circumstances you will need the agreement of both the Trustee and IMI. You should also note that if you retire and remain in employment with IMI contributions to your RSP Account will stop.

Other pages in this section will look in greater detail at your options, the retirement process and how the Trustee will help you go about securing your retirement income.

Something you should bear in mind when thinking about the style of income you buy, is the time that you are likely to live for in retirement and thus, the period over which you will need an income to support yourself and any dependants.

Government estimates for the UK population as a whole show that life expectancy for someone who is 65 years old in 2013 is age 86 for men and 89 for women.