Sections of the IMI Pension Fund

The Fund comprises of four Sections:-

1) The IMI Section

  • Closed to new entrants from 1 July 2002; and
  • Closed to future accrual 31 December 2010.

2) The Facsimile Section

  • Made up of members of the ICI Pension Fund prior to 6 April 1980; and
  • The rules of the Facsimile Section were established to mirror the rules of the ICI Pension Fund.

 3) The Main Section

  • For most new entrants from 1 July 2002 until the Fund closed to new entrants on 31 December 2005; and
  • Incorporates the liabilities transferred from the former MKR Holdings Ltd and Associated and Subsidiary Companies Retirement Benefits Scheme brought into the Main Section on 1 July 2002.

4) The Senior Section

  •  Includes the liabilities transferred in from the former IMI Supplementary Pension Fund.